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Ken McKnight on GG Window10

From the 2003 article Matafesto - The Delicate Wind
"George Greenough is the man when it comes to mat surfing. He literally invented riding waves on mats. His exploits are the stuff of Surfing History and outright legend. His feats of daring while riding on a surf mat range from going super fast in big round barrels, midnight Rincon runs, or his epochal movie, "Echoes," where he filmed inside the tube with a camera strapped to his back while riding a mat, are more then legend. It was Greenough who really pioneered this thing. Thank you George!"
"Today, Greenough spends his time in Australia, near Byron Bay, and yes he is still riding waves on a mat and schooling all others in how to do it. But where he is private in his mat riding, the rest of the fraternity he has unknowingly turned on is very open and very committed to sharing this wave riding technique with anyone who has an interest."

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