My first mat was a 4GF Fatty

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My first mat was a 4GF Fatty

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:49 pm

I am not completely clear how it was that I discovered surf mats but I think I must have stumbled across PG's blog Surfmatters through some other blog I had been following through an earlier blog of mine called Waveriders.
At the time, on busy days at the point , I had returned to and really enjoyed prone riding using a bodyboard, as I could get in nice and deep and get a reasonable number of waves in the session.
Somewhere, I seem to remember having read a description of what it felt like to ride a mat. Initially, I didn't do anything about it, but there was something very compelling there, particularly in relation to the speed, and it kept niggling a way in my brain. Being an Aries and a bit of a geek, I need to be entertained, so I am a sucker for anything new. I had to order a surf mat to try and the first post on Magic Carpet Ride tells of that decision. If you read that post, you will see this link to MT's 1st mind-boggling video on the blog Hydrodynamica which I eventually managed to snaffle and upload to my Youtube site as I thought it warranted reaching a wider audience. On reflection it must have been stumbling across this video that finally convinced me that I needed to have a crack at riding a surf mat.
Anyway, the Fatty arrived from PG on the 12th of May 2010 and being a geek I just had to make an unboxing video and what a lot of fun it was! Laughing

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