Hi there. I am Ramsnake!

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Hi there. I am Ramsnake! Empty Hi there. I am Ramsnake!

Post by Admin on Mon Jan 02, 2012 5:57 am

Robin Thomson is my official name and I created and write for the surf mat blog Magic Carpet Ride http://magictowelride.blogspot.com.
I live in Denmark on the South Coast of Western Australia.
Although I have surfed for 10 years I have only been riding surf mats for about 18 months or so. If you read my blog you will find out that I am well and truly hooked apart from an occasional foray out the back on a stand up board of some type.
I have 6 mats currently:
4GF Standard
4GF Tracker Roundtail
4GF Vespa Roundtail
Krypt MT5
A Surfoplane!

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