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Duck Diving? Empty Duck Diving?

Post by Admin on Thu Jan 05, 2012 11:02 pm

This has always been a contentious issue for mat riders especially when they are just getting started. When you first get on a mat, the idea that you might be able to perform a successful duck dive just does not seem possible! silent But you can learn do so and almost as effectively as if you were on a shortboard as I mention in the quote from a recent post below.
For some reason, I am also now suddenly able to duck dive it almost as effectively as if I was on a board.
A big squeeze and a bend of the corners downwards to concave the bottom of the mat as I drive under the whitewater before pushing the mat ahead of myself and up the other side of the wave. There was a time when this would just have seemed completely impossible.
I have now started to now use my right knee to further submerge it as you would on a board as heavily concaving the mat provides a stiff enough mat to do so.
So I am now able to duck dive under waves just as if I was on a board which allows me to tackle prevailing conditions I once might have thought twice about before choosing a mat to venture out in.
I would really like to hear other more experienced riders views on duck diving as I believe it would be particularly useful for riders new to the game to hear what you have to say.

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