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Matting in Malibu Empty Matting in Malibu

Post by Tremor on Sat Jan 07, 2012 9:11 am

Hey gang,

Stoked to be on the site! My name's Tremor and I live in Malibu, CA, USA. I typically surf the right points near my house, including Sunset, Topanga, Surfrider, Latigo, Point Dume, Leo Carillo, County Line and Rincon.

I've been surfing for a long time, and I got into riding surf mats about 9 months ago, when I bought a used 4GF Fatty.

Since getting bit by the inflatable bug, and meeting a bunch of terrific mat riders (both locally in California, and online around the world), I've accumulated a solid quiver of mats:

- 4GF Large (used, a pre-cursor to the "Fatty")
- 4GF Greenough-Spec UDT (new from PG)
- Neumatic 220 (new, with shallow ibeams, similar to 4GF Fatty)
- Neumatic custom for Peter (used, similar size to 4GF UDT)
- Neumatic custom for J.Goss (used, and just about the biggest mat ever made)

Looking forward to making the most of this forum!



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Matting in Malibu Empty Re: Matting in Malibu

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 07, 2012 3:26 pm

Welcome Tremor. I was wondering when you might turn up. Good man. 3 Neuies in the quiver? How did you manage that? And 5 mats after only 9 months? Yep definitely got the bug!

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