The prettiest mats!

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The prettiest mats! Empty The prettiest mats!

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 07, 2012 12:57 am

The prettiest mats! Gmat10

Graham Webster, or G as he is fondly referred to by many, is about as fanatical about mats and mat riding as anybody I have met. So much so that he has even resorted to making them for himself and probably you too if you happened to ask. They are definitely the prettiest mats on the market rivalling some of Dale Solomonsons earlier creations!

The prettiest mats! Birdie10

G is pretty handy at adding sticky stuff to the top of thin deck mats and will do so for you on one of PG's 4Gf Blue Streaks!

The prettiest mats! Bs-dry10

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