Anyone else using gloves of any sort?

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Anyone else using gloves of any sort?

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 03, 2012 3:49 am

I use Darkfin gloves every time I take a mat out for a session.
I ordered them because I have found that hanging on to a 4GF canvas top mat wears the hell out of my finger tips and particularly so on my right hand. I end up with cracks and missing skin which is not conducive to playing musical instruments such as the piano and the guitar. As I use my right hand to assist on the take off, I thought I may as well get a webbed glove. I didn't want a bulky surfers glove, as the water temperature is not an issue around here, only something that will protect my fingers and these neoprene glove has proven to be perfect. They have done a great job protecting my fingers and provide me with take off assistance. They are showing some signs of wear after 6 months with a couple of small holes appearing on the fingertips which just goes to show how much effort is required to hang on to a mat. Interestingly, I had thought the webbing might be the first part of the gloves to deteriorate but they are fine on one glove with just a little tear on the other. But there is certainly not enough damage to make them anywhere near unusable for sometime. So I am recommending them to any mat riders that think they may benefit from using a glove.

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