Give your 4GF a Reverse Brazilian!!

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Give your 4GF a Reverse Brazilian!!

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 17, 2012 10:40 pm

Not an accessory but more of an upgrade. Giving your modern day nylon canvas deck 4GF a wax job might be just the thing to revive an older well used mat or provide a new rider with a stickier and more secure deck.
I had thought the standard deck on a 4GF provided quite an adequate amount of grip until I rode my Roundtail Tracker after using a Vespa that had been treated and found myself slipping around all over the place on it in comparison. So, it definitely adds more grip whilst still allowing you to move around on the deck. I will let PG take you through the process which he describes so well here. Well worth requesting of PG when you order your new 4GF!


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